Therapeutic Massage

Stress is a problem that negatively affects every aspect of well-being. How one copes with stress impacts health and happiness.  Massage is one of the best health habits you can do for well-being; it calms the nervous system, reduces blood pressure and releases feel good calming hormones. Once a month, give your body the duly needed time to relax, relieve stress and get balanced. Marie's sessions are a mix of 14 years of experience, intuition, pure love and joy for what she does. To Marie, there is no better feeling than to see the transformation in someone after a massage and knowing that she facilitated that experience.

hot stone massage

Preferred Massage Modalities

Vacuum Cupping/Ace Medicupping CertifiedAce Medicupping Certified


Hot Stones

Therapeutic Sessions

May involve cupping, hot stones, stretching and pressure of choice.

60 or 90 minute massages


Price depends on location and duration but ranges from $80-$150.





Available for out-calls, home office visits or in office, depending on day and time needed.

Please call 843-324-4137 or text to schedule an an appointment.